Run, don’t stop…!


Alearga, mai alearga,
nu te opri sa vezi
ce a ramas in urma
in recile zapezi…

Sa vezi a toamne-i frunze
ce au cazut privind
Cum iarna se asterne
si totu-n jur murind…

Alearga, mai alearga
spre visul tau curat,
Priveste spre lumina,
nu ceru-ntunecat…

Te vei trezi odata,
cu grija vei pasi,
Nu vei mai intelege
de-i vis ori zori de zi…

Iisus, chiar langa tine,
tu dulce-i vei zambi,
si-o lacrima pierduta
in taina va sclipi..!!


English version



Run, don’t stop to see what’s left,
Behind you in distant land,
To see the leaves that had to fall,
As the winter grunted at your door…

Run, don’t look inside that cage,
Where it’s locked from years the rage,
For that times you had to keep
In the dark the blazing seed,
And you had to reap that bit,
And use it as it would fit…

Run, don’t stop to wonder why,
You lost the sweetness in your eye,
And now use your misty sight,
To make it through the darkest night…

Run and cut that twine that keeps you still,
Run as your skin can’t feel,
Run and melt that thick, thick clay,
And forget of the dismay….

Run and treasure in your heart,
The glint of that only child,
That spread his wings and couldn’t fly
But never lost his will to try…


 -imagini preluate de pe net-         „Poezii”…with Roxana Barsan-


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