Counting the petals ……


English version-after the Romanian

Pierdut in marea de mandrie,

cazut in jocul de dureri,

lasi timpul dorul sa-l sfasie,

si inca te gandesti la “ieri.”..

Dorinte, doruri de un suflet,

ai compus povesti de vis,

clipe scrise-n poezie

ce spre ea si-azi ai trimis.

Neinteles ramas-a golul

in care inima se-ndoaie,

Ce este omu’ in durere,

cand ca o piatra nu se-nmoaie?

Se-arata ziua cea dorita

cu soare dulce printre nori,

dar inca, te zaresc pe stanca

numarand petale-n zori…

R. B.

English version!

This glasses on your face,

Can hide your eyes but not the trace,

That trace that speaks about your past,

About the things that never last,

About the rain that sunk your boat,

Taking with it the treasure that you sought,

The one you thought will give you wings,

To fly above the stormy seas…

The smile you try to make it thrive,

Can help you through the cloudy life,

But it can’t last so long and seems,

You can’t forget of broken dreams…

The words you utter on the scene,

Can ease your heart but not reveal,

The scars you hide within your soul,

That wall that’s never whole,

And the darkness in the hall…

Don’t let the glasses mask your eyes,

The smile be taken away by tides,

And your words speak about you,

About your dreams coloured in blue…


 -imagini preluate de pe net-         „Poezii”…with Roxana Barsan-


6 thoughts on “Counting the petals ……

  1. Este minunat cât viata e în floare,
    Iar *Soarele* mai încalzeste-acest pamânt.
    Cand stai pe *Stânca* numarând “petale”,
    Si porti Iubirea Lui, inima si-n gând…

    Fii binecuvântat, Suflet frumos si minunat !

    Liked by 1 person

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