Tell me, please!

Black-and-white-hug1.jpgKiss me darling,

Touch my soul,

Be my brick wall,

Be my shelter in the storm,

Be my open door…

Take my hand,

And be a friend.

Be my eyes,

Be the sun that always shines.

Whisper words

When I can’t say,

When I’ll be too lost, someday.

Tell me that there’s still time this day,

And that we both can stop the pouring rain.

Tell me that there’s no goodbye,

Not a sad eye,

Not a fake smile

Not a lie…

Tell me that we are free

To decide who we want to be

And that it’s not too late

To touch the skyline,

And dry my eye.

And tell me please,

That there’s still

true Love on the Earth…


-imagini preluate de pe net-     from „I wish I could enjoy the Rain” …


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