Where’s the Soul?

girl-with-rose-79ideas.pngI watch that orb that’s in the sky,
it seems so close, but it’s so high,
I see the gem that’s in my hand,
it seems pure gold, but it’s all sand…
And I wonder, „Where’s the soul
in this wide, desert lawn?”

-It’s in the words that can smash down
the castle built in your small town?
-It’s in the pride that cannot let
a growing lad to weave his net?
-It’s in the incapacity
to understand the frailty?
-It’s in the easy way they wipe
the falling leaves of any type?
-It’s in that eyes that cannot tell
that they can feel the death’s smell?
-It’s in the way they give you love
without wearing the yellow glove?

And once again I watch the orb,
And now I sob,
Cause it may fall….

And as I reap it from the floor
I realize, it’s just…..a ball…..!!


-imagini preluate de pe net-     from „I wish I could enjoy the Rain” …


6 gânduri despre “Where’s the Soul?

  1. In this great world … there is no soul. Or … it has no value.

    Whatever matter, but the soul does not.

    The reason why God created another world just for the soul.


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