Just hold my hands..

Couple-holding-hands-in-cafe-300x296.jpgI see you coming,

I feel your pain,

I want to help you, to save you,

From the one you are today,

From the shadow of yesterday…

Your sad brown eyes,

Your mere half smile,

Your trembling hands,

Your own defense…

I want to be there

And try to fix them…

So I dry your eyes,

And make you see,

That there is light

Even in the pitch, dark night

And the next shore,

I’m sure,

Is there,

You just have to be aware.

I mend your soul,

And telling you

That there is nothing

That you cannot do,

The courage is just inside of you..

So now,

just hug me tight,

I’ll be with you

all through the night..!!


-imagini preluate de pe net-     from „I wish I could enjoy the Rain” …


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