xmas-gift-ideas-for-her.jpgThe snow is falling down on filthy puddles and fresh paths,
On old houses and villas with new mats,
One day it lays a coat of warming notes,
The next, the blanket can’t stir up the roving thoughts…

And as Christmas is at doors, it’s really time
For you anew feel fine,
Giving a penny to someone in mess,
That doesn’t have saints to write him a reference…

And so you burn what it’s not worth,
With smoke lift off a goodwill thought,
Light the candles and stare them as you could
Regain that lost taste in your holidays food…

And then you hear the sound of one bell,
Its voice is a bit clogged but it’s still there,
And you wish, you could
Accompany it with Christmas mood,
But the white snow is not there,
Or maybe melted with tears of prayer,
Yet, you still stay tall and try to see
The lights in that missing tree…


 -imagini preluate de pe net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-


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