Close your eyes and spread your wings,
Embrace the crystal seas
And don’t let go until you find your way to go
Through the winter’s highest snow…

Close your eyes and kiss the lips
Of that one that helped you rinse
The muck upon your wounded wings,
So you may know what rising means…

Close your eyes and built your tent
Finding in the muddy sand
Strong, steel, pegs of love,
That angels sent you from up above…

And now, opening your eyes,
You may suddenly realize,
That your wings are way too small,
That you’re still waiting in the dark hall..,
But please stop peeping under the door
And lift the torch from the cold floor….


Inchide ochii, nu uita,
in tine traieste Dragostea,
Zboara spre crestele ceresti,
in Paradis lin sa pasesti…

Iubirea-n brate te va tine,
mangaiat de-a Lui privire,
Lasa cerul mai aproape,
de El in veci nu te desparte…!!


-imagini preluate de pe net-     from „I wish I could enjoy the Rain” …


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