My love, wing of light…


Romanian version after the English version!

My love you’re my wing of light,
with you I fly above the night,
And you’re always at my back,
all the way on my long track…

You’re my angel with sweet smile,
with a tear in your blue eye,
Whispering a lullaby,
and the dark just passes me by…

Stitch the other wing of mine
and hold me close, though I am shy,
Kiss my wound and make it be
just a lost, gone memory…


Romanian version!

Dragostea mea, aripa de lumina,
In mine ceru-ntreg suspina,
Dar esti si azi la dreapta mea
Imbratisand cetatea ta..

Tu ingerul pe a mea cale,
Cu-o lacrima scaldata-n Soare,
Cu ochi ca astrul cristalin
Neintinat de greu venin…

Panseaza-mi aripa ranita
Tine-ma aproape prin ispita,
Si saruta-mi inima,
Tu, Dragostea mea, pururea..!!


 -imagini preluate de pe net-                 „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-


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