-“Baby kiss our memory!”


Romanian version, after the English

You told me, you’ll not forget,
we’ll still be caught tight in the net,
As you write verse after verse,
I hear you loud, your warmth I sense…

Cause I still read your words,
bitter and sweet, how it goes,
And I ask, “It’s all for me,
the sighs you put in melody …?

And I’m asking, “At midnight
your heart spreads to me the light?”,
Oh, I know I kept the key
in my hand – for you to see…

A cold shiver in my bones
and the prince his wounds he shows,
On his heart a poetry
on its back, my name I see.. …

But today, you call for me,
’cause I know your symphony,
-“Baby kiss our memory!”,
– “I’m right here…Just let it be!”…


Romanian version

Mi-ai spus, nu ma vei uita usor
cand am plecat pe drum cu nor,
Ca imi vei scrie vers cu vers,
sa te re-ntorci pe-al nostru mers..

Inca-ti citesc cuvinte dulci
si-amare soapte si naluci,
Si ma intreb: “Tot pentru mine
sunt reci si caldele suspine…?

Si ma intreb in miez de noapte:
“Inima spre mine-ti bate?”
O, cum sa-ti spun ca am tinut
in mana – cheia de temut…

In inima un bland fior
ce te dorea cu vivid dor,
Ce te chema in ascunzis,
ce se pierdea in luminis…

Dar astazi chiar de-mi spui,
stiu bine,
“Iubito vino langa mine!”,
Eu te sarut cald pe obraz,
si-arunc dorul in talaz..!!

R. B.

 -imagini preluate de pe net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-


3 thoughts on “-“Baby kiss our memory!”

  1. Multa profunzime sentimentala, tainice gânduri ale inimii indragostite, stau ascunse discret în versurile tale. Frumos si minunat versificat, acest sentiment nobil si curat ! Felicitari !
    Un gând bun si curat, un Weekend binecuvântat, draga Roxana !

    Liked by 1 person

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