You are not a dream..

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Romanian version, after the English

You’re more than a dream to me,
More than a sweet, warm fantasy,
My heart in pieces when you watch,
Nothing on Earth can break me such..

How could I ever, ever tell?
Your words wrap me like a spell,
How on Earth could ever be?
You’re a Prince, I am… Just me…!!

R. B.

Romanian version 

Mai mult decât un vis pentru mine,
Mai mult ca o fantezie ma-nfasori,
Inima în bucăți când te uiți la mine,
Nimic pe Pământ nu-mi da asa fiori ..

Cum aș putea spune vreodată?
Cuvintele tale ca o vrajă si-un ecou,
Cum ar putea fi pe pământ vreodată?
Tu ești un prinț, Eu sunt … doar eu …!

R. B.

 -imagini preluate de pe net-         „Poems”…with Roxana Barsan-


8 thoughts on “You are not a dream..

  1. Wonderful and very romantic! Roxana, you should write a book or a mini book with your poems. I know where you should even sell it: at the airport kiosks/talk to their owners. I love buying this kind of books before my next flight. It’s nice and inspirational!

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