136432Sometimes, I wish I’d still be there,
Running again to catch the train,
In that small room,
Where stars and moon
Were watching over me,
So I could never be

At times, I wish I could still lie
That I found the wings to fly,
Step again that endless stairs
And find between the mess
A person that still cares…

Sometimes I wish I could never know
How is to let myself go,
To feel vulnerable and weak
Cause I let myself deceived…

At times I wish I’d still believe that every fall,
Every bruise still on my soul,
Says I learned a little more,
And at last I’ll find that open door…

But, please forgive me, cause today,
I can’t be different from yesterday,
As hard as I try
To still roll the die,
I can’t promise that the leaves
Won’t fall from those tall trees,
And I’ll be down on my broken knees…

So, please forgive me for all this…!!


I wrote this poem 8 years ago when I was having my first experience in England, by myself, all immersed in the British lifestyle. I had a great time. I met many interesting people, but maybe I took everything too seriously and so, I couldn’t stop writing. Therefore this poem is part of the small book, „I wish, I could enjoy the rain!”

Today, I don’t relate anymore to those feelings, but I can still see myself in that situations. how deeply I was living every moment!!

photos: from internet           -from „I wish I could enjoy  the rain!”


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